The Venue

Monday, October 26, 2009

I have wanted to post this update for a while now. It is official, our deposit check has been cashed and we have a WEDDING VENUE!!

We are officially getting married at the Max Fisher Music Center in Detroit Michigan, home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I know that Detroit is not the usual spot for a destination wedding, but it is going to be wonderful. The Music Center is a theatre (as you might have guessed) so our ceremony is going to be in one of the rehearsal rooms. Our cocktail style reception is going to be in the lobby, a four story open Atrium.

This venue would definitely fall into the “other” category of wedding venues, but it is perfect for what we want. We want our entire reception to feel like the cocktail hour. We want fun music to start almost immediately and we want our guests to mingle with one another and have a really really good time! At many weddings I have been to, the cocktail hour is my favorite part. I always dread that time in the middle, when you have to sit at a table, act civilized and wait for the dinner service. I am a really good table filler because I will talk to anyone, so I usually end up sitting with people I don't know and am usually served last. That means I’m sitting for 30-45 minutes just waiting for the dinner to be over, making small talk with strangers anxiously awaiting for the party to start, so that I can dance and talk to the people who I actually know.

This type of venue allows us to be a little alternative in our wedding style, with no assigned seating, a mix of high and low tables and a get away on the second floor of the lobby for people who want to mingle without the loud music. They even have a smoking balcony. I don't smoke (anymore) but I love the idea of smokers not having to stand on Woodward late at night. I am very very excited about starting our planning for our Destination Detroit event.

We are headed up to “the D” the first weekend in November to meet with Caterers, Florists and Photographers. Now that the venue is confirmed, the madness can begin!

Max Fisher Music Center
Home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
3711 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48210


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank you for visiting our wedding website! As a bride to be, I hope to keep you updated on all things wedding over the next 8 months of planning. I am even going to try and get my groom to chime in from time to time. We are getting hitched in Detroit Michigan on June 26, 2010. We hope you enjoy reading about our wedding details!