Bridesmaid Dresses

Monday, December 14, 2009

One of my big tasks for recent my New York trip was to convince my brother to make my bridesmaid dresses. I picked two dresses right from his studio collection and he couldn’t say no. Now my side of the bridal party is dressed! He is such a good brother.

I have five bridesmaids and went back and forth deciding if I wanted them all in the same dress or in different dresses. I finally decided on two dress styles in the same color that should be flattering on all my girls. One of the dresses is right off the runway of his fall collection. It is a Satin-faced organza draped one shoulder dress with bubble skirt. He suggested that we change the bubble skirt to an a-line to be more flattering on a “real women”.

The other dress is a very simple strapless satin-faced organza draped dress. Again, he suggested an a-line to make all the girls look like they go together.

For the color, I am going totally away from my wedding color palette. I am in love with the teal color of the dresses in his studio. I got great advice from a recent bride when talking about colors. She told me that everything really doesn’t have to match. Why would you want your bridesmaids in the same color as the tablecloths? I have taken this to heart recently since I have been really struggling with my tablecloth choices. I am so excited that the dresses for the girls are chosen. Now I can sleep well and dream about shoes.

Color Palette

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Picking wedding colors has been a really challenging task for me. I have a really hard time visualizing how the colors will come together, so I keep changing my mind. I have two pieces that are non-negotiable when it comes to colors, my glass bluebirds that will decorate my tables and a bouquet that I fell in love with in a bride magazine. I tore out the page and forgot which magazine it came from (hence the horrible scanned image).

I originally thought this orange/blush color floral would be really nice with bright green, hot pink and maybe some yellow touches thrown in. Sunset colors, was what one florist called this color palette. I was going with this until Evan made a comment that I always pick those colors. “I do?” I thought, and then he gave the example of my living room and our Christmas tree. Ahhh! I can’t have my wedding colors match my living room!

I needed to alter the plan, but that bouquet is staying no matter what. So I think I am editing them down to orange/blush, bright green, cream and possibly periwinkle. I really liked how the periwinkle table cloths at my engagement party offset the cobalt blue that is similar to the color of my birds.

I keep going back and forth to see if this blue will look nice in the space at the Max. Or maybe a more champagne color for the table cloths? I will definitely have gold chiavari chairs, because we are using those for the ceremony, so the table cloths have to go with gold chairs. Does anyone have a recommendation on what is the best way to pick wedding colors?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

When we first started wedding planning, Evan and I discussed using the Bluebird of Happiness for our d├ęcor/theme. We weren’t sure how we would incorporate them, but knew they would be a nice homage to our life in Arkansas and to his grandparents who were also bluebird collectors. We got our first taste of how the bluebird would play a part in our special day once we started talking invitations. Evan’s good friend and blog-spiration of mine, Ann of Still Dottie, is generously designing our invites and put together adorable save the dates with a bluebird image that she designed from our Bluebird of Happiness. I would love to share these, but we haven’t sent them out yet, but here is a quick preview of the bluebird image that will most likely become of theme for all of our printed materials.

Wedding Dress Consultation

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As I mentioned on my blog, Mom and I headed to New York this weekend for a two day trip to spend some time with my brother and have a wedding dress consultation. Monday, we went to my brother’s studio to try on dresses! I had already sent him pictures of dresses that I liked and he had put together a couple sketches.

I got to try on a handful of dresses from his most recent collection to see different style bodices, dress styles and get an idea of a fit. I tried on one of my favorite dresses from the collection, the Satin organza side-ruffled cocktail dress in Oceanic print. I tried on two dresses that were recently shown on Oprah, the Black tiered chiffon dress and the Satin-faced organza draped flounce gown, which is going to be the inspiration for my dress. My dress is going to be essentially this dress (first and last dress shown), with the side panels removed so that it is straight. It is going to be white with ivory flounces. I can't wait to see it in real life!