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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some bride’s are spoiled, but I am like 10 week old onion dip in the back of the refrigerator with a half eaten potato chip still in it. What I mean by this is, some days I look at our wedding planning spreadsheet and think to myself, “How did we get this lucky?” We not only will be surrounded by friends and family on our big day, many many elements of our day are being contributed by said friends and family. I know it sounds snobby, but we are associated with some amazingly talented people.

The music for our reception is just one of the amazing things that are being provided by family members. Evan has musicians on his side and even before we were engaged we used to talk about how we wanted his cousins’ band to play at our wedding. Even though they are not performing together on a regular basis these days, they agreed to stage a reunion show at our wedding!

We have asked the band, Potato Moon (formerly known as the Lonely Jones), to play an hour set after the “cocktail hour”. As fans of the band, we want them to play their original music and as wedding customers we think some cover songs thrown in would get everyone movin’ and shakin’. They have played weddings before, so we pretty much want to let them do what they do. At this point, we need to provide are some “must-have” songs to put on the set list. This is going to be more difficult than we originally thought because we love ALL their songs. Fortunately, Evan is on music detail, so he has to make the tough decisions.

Here are two videos, one live performance and one home-movie-style music video. You will know what I mean, when I say they are gooooood.

Any recommendations on must have wedding songs?

Hey Yeah, Live

Old Jones Road


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